Agilent 7890 / 5975C GCMS

Agilent 7890 / 5975C GCMS

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The Agilent 7890A Gas Chromatograph (GC) is built on the industry leading Agilent GC platform and delivers everything you need to take your laboratory to the next level of performance. The Agilent 7890A platform, delivers new levels of productivity, performance and flexibility. Unique in-oven capillary flow technology opens up a suite of highly useful applications, and enables productivity gains without the need to change existing methods. The Agilent 7890A saves time before and after the chromatographic run, which means that users need not change their current method for the chromatographic run. This allows them to avoid extensive method development and revalidation. Agilent has also introduced a variable speed fan for faster oven cool-down. On instruments equipped with the Agilent 7683 Automatic Liquid Sampler, sample injection preparation overlaps part of the oven cool-down ramp, further boosting throughput. When combined with the new, robust backflush capability, injection-to-injection time can be significantly reduced. The Agilent 7890A features a fifth-generation electronic pneumatics control (EPC) and digital electronics that set a new benchmark for pressure regulation to 0.001 psi. This provides greater retention-time locking precision and contributes to the platform’s superior reliability.

System includes:

Agilent 7890 GC

Agilent 7693 Headspace sampler

Agilent 5975 inert GC/MS System

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Weight250 lbs
Dimensions48 × 48 × 36 in