Lab Space

About the Prodigy Scientific Lab Incubator

Prodigy Scientific Labs is proud to announce that we are now offering specialized lab incubators for life science and medical device entrepreneurs. Strategically located in the biotech hub of San Diego, our economically-priced lab spaces create an ideal environment for local startups to launch and establish their companies. At Prodigy Scientific, one of our main aims is to support and create spaces that empower entrepreneurs, all the while helping their biotech businesses to thrive.

As you can imagine (or perhaps have already researched) costly startup fees, monthly rentals, and expensive equipment can mean that you have to spend a fortune before even setting foot in a lab. And, without big financial backing, it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to have the funds to start their own labs. Incubators such as ours will provide you with everything you need including support systems, resources, funding, and equipment. 

So, if you don’t have big financial backing, or are simply unsure of how to develop and grow your startup, an incubator might be the best option for you. Below we share some of the most important benefits that partnering with an incubator can offer your business:

Get Access to Equipment

We know how hard it can be for start-ups in our field to get the quality equipment and lab space you need. Our Lab Space offers state of the art equipment to share with other entrepreneurs.

Cost Effective Lab Space

Like other co-working spaces, our Lab Incubator makes it easier for biotech entrepreneurs to secure an affordable lab space for your needs and budget.

Networking Opportunities

Incubator labs can provide valuable opportunities for meeting and building relationships or sharing information with other startups and professionals in this space.


1. Access to Expensive & Sophisticated Equipment

Among the most beneficial aspects of joining an incubator is that you’ll have access to expensive equipment that your startup might be unable to afford. Furthermore, the equipment will be available at a fraction of the cost compared to renting or purchasing it yourself. This includes equipment such as: biosafety cabinets, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry systems, sink, fume hoods, freezers, CO2 incubators, spectrophotometers, ovens, water baths, shakers, stirrers, and centrifuges to name a few. 

2. Low-Cost Space & Flexibility

Much like other coworking spaces, incubators offer a range of different spaces at a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing or leasing. Building or renting a space is usually one of the biggest expenses that a business incurs, which you may not be able to afford when just starting out. Leases can also tie you into long-term contracts and penalties if they are broken. At Prodigy Scientific we offer flexible leasing and space options that can accommodate your business needs and budget. For example, we can offer single benches, shared office spaces, and private offices.

3. Creates Opportunities for ConnectionsIMG_8230.jpg

In the biotech sphere, networking is essential. Being part of an environment such as an incubator lab gives you the opportunity to exchange information and build beneficial relationships with other professionals, leaders, and startup entrepreneurs within the field. On top of this, you might also have the opportunity to form long-lasting business partnerships that will help take your startup to new heights in the future.

4. Provides Unlimited Access to Resources

When you join forces with an incubator, you will inevitably have access to a variety of highly useful resources right at your fingertips. These can include things such as fast, uninterrupted internet access, software programs, and industry-specific business tools. Plus, incubators are a hub for hosting industry-related workshops, talks, and conferences too. 

5. Provides Access to Funding


Our Prodigy Scientific incubator can also provide biotech startups with access to various funding opportunities. As you know, additional funding can open up a host of further opportunities that will help set up your business for growth and success. Funding depends on a multitude of factors, and we will be happy to discuss what options may be available to you.

Looking for a Lab Space to Rent?

At Prodigy Scientific we understand that building a startup from the ground up is no easy feat. However, with the support of a biotech incubator such as ours, we can help turn your startup dreams into a reality. So, if you are looking for a lab space for rent in San Diego and want to find out more about our brand new lab incubator, call us at 888-589-4615 today.