Agilent Technologies 1200 series (bin pump)

Agilent Technologies 1200 series (bin pump)

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The Agilent 1200 Series HPLC System

was introduced in 2010, with a modular design allowing users to define a configuration ideally suited to meet their HPLC and UHPLC applications and requirements.

The 1200 series is a step forward from the innovative 1100 series, building on the modular design and configuration capabilities of the original.  The result is a superior combination of speed, resolution, and sensitivity that has fostered widespread implementation in many labs.

The 1200 series achieves high levels of sample throughput by the use of either binary or quaternary pumps and interchangeable autosamplers.  The high pressure operation and the use of short columns with small diameter media result in fast, high resolution separations.  The dual-lamp design and the temperature control of the 1200 series diode array detectors ensure outstanding sensitivity.  Easy to use and scalable, the software and control instrumentation are advanced and critical value features.  In total, the 1200 series of HPLC systems are a must have for any analytical lab.

Additional information

Agilent Technologies 1200 series **Includes 6 months warranty System comes fully refurbished to meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. Includes: Agilent Technologies 1200 series G1312 Binary pump

Agilent Technologies 1200 series G1329 Autosampler

Agilent Technologies 1200 series G1330 Chiller

Agilent Technologies 1200 series G1379 degasser

Agilent Technologies 1200 series G1316 TCC

Agilent Technologies 1200 series G1315 Diode Array Detector Solvent tray PC loaded with software **installation and extended warranty available. **Please allow 4-8 weeks lead time for this item

“stock photo for reference only. Please refer to quotation details for instrument configuration specifications.”


Model1200 Series
Weight350 lbs
Dimensions36 × 36 × 36 in