GE Akta Purifier 100

GE Akta Purifier 100

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GE Akta Purifier 100 ** Certified Refurbished ** The GE AKTA Purifier 100 is a fast protein liquid chromatograph or FPLC , which is capable of handling a wide range of wavelengths. This FPLC has a capacity of up to 100 ml per minute. It also features a tunable detector, allowing for selection of a wide spectral range. The AKTA Purifier 100 comes preprogrammed with application protocols and method templates, making it a fast and easy start to purification work. Features include an automatic on-line buffer preparation from stock solutions, fixed volume loops up to 5 ml, super loops for 10 ml to 150 ml and quick solvent exchange without disrupting the column or routines. The GE AKTA Purifier 100 FPLC also has a pressure of 10 MPa and features direct load. On-line monitoring is available for a variety of tasks such as monitoring pH, conductivity, and UV-detection of up to three wavelengths simultaneously. Fraction collection options range from microtiter plates to large vessels. The GE AKTA Purifier 100 FPLC offers optimization of protein purification with increased automation. Versatile system configurations with automation kits, and increased reproducibility. This GE AKTA Purifier’s different pumps and monitors accommodate a broad range of applications.

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