Shimadzu Nexera 40 Series UHPLC

Shimadzu Nexera 40 Series UHPLC

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Get the Most Out of Your Lab Without all the Hassle. The Shimadzu Nexera 40 Series is fast, reliable, cost effective, and fits your specific needs. Check out how. Shimadzu’s Nexera 40 Series is ideal for running at the heightened pace that many labs require. Designed to be a workhorse, Nexera is capapble of five to ten minute separations as a norm with as low as 7 second injection cycles and the lowest industry carryover. Nexera can also be used with top of the line Mass Spectrometers from the best brands. To top it all off, Nexera offers peripherals to increase sample capacity and handle analytes of all sizes. Contact us to start building the perfect system for your lab.

**Please allow 4-8 weeks lead time for this item