Agilent 1100 G1946D MSD LCMS

Agilent 1100 G1946D MSD LCMS

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AGILENT 1100 LC/MSD WITH MODEL G1946D MASS SPECTROMETER. Standard 1100 HPLC included The Agilent 1100 Series LC/MSD is a benchtop mass spectrometer designed to be integrated with the 1100 Series HPLC System . It is a quadrupole based atmospheric pressure ionization (API) instrument capable of doing both electrospray ionization (ESI) and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI). The LC/MSD can handle normal HPLC flow rates (1 ml/min) without splitting the effluent and with minimal adjustment of the spray chamber. The 1100 Series LC/MSD offers many advantages as an LC detector. It offers the dynamic range and repeatability needed for most quantitative applications. In the SIM mode it offers high sensitivity. For compounds lacking a strong chromophore it offers detection limits not possible with other detectors. By offering unit mass resolution to m/z 3000 the LC/MSD allows for characterization of large proteins beyond 60000 KDalton. Having extended mass range to 3000 is also beneficial when studying modified proteins such as glycoproteins where their charge distribution falls above m/z 2000.

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