Eppendorf 5417R Centrifuge

No longer available

Eppendorf 5417R Centrifuge

San Diego, CA


Eppendorf 5417R : This high-performance microcentrifuge spins up to 25,000g and offers up to 30-place capacity for high throughput. The Eppendorf 5417R Centrifuge incorporates reinforced steel rotor housing and double lid locks. The maintenance-free, brushless induction motor reaches maximum speed within 12 seconds for quick separation and recovery of samples. Rotors are autoclavable. Operating parameters of time, speed (or RCF), soft start/stop and momentary spins are entered on a touch-sensitive pad. The timer includes a hold function for longer spins. The soft start/stop function slows the acceleration and deceleration rate for delicate samples or filter tubes. Eppendorf 5417R Centrifuge provides temperature control from –9 to 40°C (15.8 to 104°F). “Fast Cool” function lowers rotor bowl temperature from ambient to 4°C (39.2°F) in less than 20 minutes. Refrigerated units use CFC-free refrigerant.


Weight100 lbs
Dimensions24 × 24 × 24 in