Thermo Scientific Heracell 150i CO2 incubator

Thermo Scientific Heracell 150i CO2 incubator

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Direct heat chamber 150L (5.3 cu. ft.) electropolished stainless steel chamber with compact footprint, easily stackable Standard left hand door swing, field reversible by qualified service support Minimal, easy-to-clean assembly with smooth inner chamber and rounded corners for easy cleaning In-chamber fan gently distributes conditioned, humidified air throughout the chamber ensuring homogeneous conditions In situ sensors and probes designed for precise monitoring Choice of TC (thermal conductivity) CO2 sensor for long, reliable operation or IR (infrared) CO2 sensor for monitoring when humidity and temperature are less predictable Dual temperature probes with over temperature protection Rapid response humidity reservoir Directly heated water reservoir designed to provide stable, high relative humidity, preventing culture desiccation Pan-less system provides recovery rates up to 5X faster than traditional water pans Water level sensor indicates when a refill is needed ContraCon 90°C moist heat disinfection cycle On-demand cycle simplifies cleaning and eliminates the need to separately autoclave components Operation is push-button simple and does not require removal of sensors or other components Independently validated to eliminate a wide range contaminants including bacteria, molds, fungal spores, and mycoplasmas Intuitive, interactive iCAN touchscreen control Bright LED screen allows monitoring of all incubator interactions Provides visibility to changes in culture environment with performance trend graphing, error and usage logs Convenient on-screen user prompts and reminders for easy navigation Selectable languages simplify operation: English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian

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Weight250 lbs
Dimensions48 × 48 × 30 in