Agilent 6430 QQQ LC/MS with Agilent 1260 series

Agilent 6430 QQQ LC/MS with Agilent 1260 series

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Agilent 6430 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System.

The Agilent The 6430 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System has been meticulously designed to excel in precise quantification of narrow UHPLC peaks. To ensure dependable peak integration, a minimum of ten data points is essential across each peak, necessitating rapid MS cycle times as short as 100 milliseconds for peaks that last merely a second. For intricate multi-analyte assays, extremely brief dwell times are imperative.

The Agilent 6430 is extremely well suited for food testing, water analysis, and protein biomarker discovery and validation. The huge added performance comes at a very modest price increase over the previous model.


  • Sensitivity: 1pg reserpine 300:1.
  • Scan rate: 5,200 u/sec.
  • Polarity switching: 30 msec.
  • Minimum dwell time: 1 msec.
  • Number of MRM: 19,800.
  • Dynamic MRM: 4,000.
  • Mass Resolution (Full width at half maximum): 0.5 Da (manual tune),0.7 Da (autotune)
  • 6 months warranty
  • Includes PC with Software
  • Agilent Technologies 1260 series HPLC

-G1316 column compartment

-G1367 autosampler

-G1312 Bin Pump

-G1330 Thermostat / Chiller

-Solvent tray

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